state the obvious, i didn’t get my perfect fantasy

you don’t need money when you’re famous

love can be a moment’s madness

you’ve changed

this is the world i’ve meant

Picture to Burn by Taylor Swift

King of New York from Newsies

Love by Judy Garland

It Takes Two from Into the Woods <3

Lament from Into the Woods

That time Jeremy Jordan and Jonathan Groff were Gay, Russian Olympians in a Tragic, Forbidden Love Affair

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I only care that he’s mine and I am his.There ain’t no rules, that’s how it is.

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you’re beautiful, beautiful, you should know it

distant flickering, greener scenery

the one that I came with

yeah I feel I’m watered down

you know i’ve always got your back girl

All Around the World (Acoustic Version) by Justin Bieber

Headlock by Imogen Heap

C’mon Cmon by One Direction

Hermit the Frog by Marina and the Diamonds

Everything About You by One Direction


when i find myself in times of trouble,

kara lindsay comes to me

speaking words of wisdom:


hi hiiii ♥

greetings loved ones lets go on a journey

i wanna be a starship ranger…

i used to think one day we’d tell the story of us

newsies need our help today

can you teach me how to feel?

California Girls by Katy Perry ft Snoop Dogg

I Wanna Be from Starship

Story of Us by Taylor Swift

Brooklyn’s Here from Newsies

I Am Not A Robot by Marina and the Diamonds


Dear Mr Gable, I am writing this to you

better than words but more than a feeling

the light shines, its getting hot on my shoulder.

Now that she’s back in the atmosphere

It’s a big big universe

Dear Mr Gable by Judy Garland

Better than Words by One Direction

Stole My Heart by One Direction

Drops of Jupiter by Train

Life from Starship


real men cry [listen]

heartwrenching songs by the men of musicals

1. Left Behind — Spring Awakening // 2. Breeze Off The River — The Full Monty // 3. Come Back — Dogfight // 4. Empty Chairs At Empty Tables — Les Miserables // 5. Mister Cellophane — Chicago // 6. Scream — High School Musical 3 // 7. Confrontation — Jekyll & Hyde // 8. Why — Tick, Tick … Boom! // 9. Before the Lobotomy — American Idiot // 10. I Am The One (Reprise) — Next To Normal // 11. Build A Wall — Shrek // 12. Those You’ve Known — Spring Awakening // 13. Missing You — A Very Potter Musical // 14. Happy/Sad — The Addams Family // 15. You Walk With Me — The Full Monty // 16. Why God Why — Miss Saigon // 17. If I Can’t Love Her — Beauty and the Beast // 18. If I Believed — Twisted // 19. Where I Want To Be — Chess // 20. Rise Above — Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark // 21. Everything You Ever — Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog // 22. Not My Father’s Son — Kinky Boots // 23. I’ll Cover You (Reprise) — Rent


fake starkid show synopsis » ok! super bright sonic love future!

four young girls - just your typical, run-of-the-mill, absolutely average and not special in any way japanese junior high schoolers - all wake in the middle of the night from out of the same dream. they weren’t super close friends before, but this totally freaky coincidence brings them together as a group, and that’s when they learn: they’ve all got SUPER SECRET HIDDEN POWERS that they are now DESTINED to use to stop evil and make the world a happier, more magical place!! wow!!!

- mitsuko (jaime lyn beatty) falls easily into the leadership role because she’s just got so much spunk!! she uses light-based powers and looks super fresh in her white costume trimmed with gold and silver. she’s good at sports, not so good in the classroom, but she never has anything nasty to say about anyone and it’s her big and loving heart that gets the girls through to the end of the day!
fuuko (rachael soglin) has a lot of love in her heart, too - for cute boys! she’s crazy about the guy who works at their local ramen shop, but she’s soooo klutzy and ditzy that he’ll, like, totally never notice her. :( she may look adorable in her lacy, baby blue costume, but she doesn’t have super-great control over her sound-based powers yet, and that can get her into trouble sometimes….
- naoko (devin lytle) is a year ahead of the others in school, and it shows! she’s easily the smartest of the team and has a headstrong, butt-kicking attitude, with her sleek purple costume and her time-based powers. if only the other girls would listen to her more!
- aiko (jeff blim) is the prettiest girl in school. the other three can’t believe she’s on the team with them!! they want to hate her for being so hot and stealing all the boys, but she’s just so gosh-darn nice that they can’t stay mad at her for too long. she looks especially amazing in her bright pink and red costume, and her emotions-based powers sure do come in handy!

can this unlikely foursome join together and fight through dark forces, the awkwardness of puberty, and like, every cheesey anime cliche ever?! or will boyfriend drama and unnecessarily long transformation sequences tear their friendships apart!???!!!

also starring:
joe walker as mid-knight, the tuxedo mask type - fuuko’s crazy about him, but he’s got his eye on mitsuko….
meredith stepien as BinBin (puppet), the super-annoying animal mascot
denise donovan as sakura, fuuko’s civilian best friend who somehow has no idea that the rest of them are magical girls despite it being really obvious
joey richter and nick lang as the mysterious, villainous duo who are bent on destroying the world starting with this one insignificant japanese town - and it’s funny, because doesn’t the taller of those two evil guys look suspiciously like aiko’s new boyfriend…??
nick gage as an “unseen” onstage presence who is merely there to insert sudden dramatic music stings and do onstage special effects like cascading cherry blossoms or real-time costume transformations

(eta I can’t believe I forgot!! Photo credit for the Rachael pic to twistedanewmusical and for the Jeff pic to cottognapple omg thanks buddies ♥)

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