"Rogues Medley" — StarKid Takes Manhattan

From the 6pm show. I didn’t get to film the first verse of “Not Over Yet”, but the rest of the medley is here!

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i am genuinely paranoid that everyone secretly hates me and thinks i am really annoying and ugly and is pretending to be my friend and it’s all part of some big joke

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some mark their friendship with bracelets and lockets. some measure their friendship in silver and gold. some show their friendship with matching tattoos. we forge our friendship by saving the world.

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ilanabeth took these photos whilst at SKTMH and i edited them. Enjoy.

”You say that you only believe what you can touch and feel, but magic does nothing if not touch the soul. And there is no greater feeling than that.”



The cognitive dissonance caused by a society that tells its children to “follow their dreams” through messages in films, literature, etc. and then punishes them for not choosing safe, money making careers in adulthood is fascinating, to say the least.








Joey Richter + Colour (requested by anon)

Could you do my name? It's Aimee

ABC (cover)- Ariana Grande

Was- A Very Potter Senior Year

Mean- Taylor Swift

E.T. (feat Kanye West)- Katy Perry

Eres Tú (Who Are You) [Version Acoustica]- Fifth Harmony

Are you still doing the music thing? cuz' my names Hannah. Please

Happy Ending- Twisted (Original Cast Recording)

Alive- One Direction

Never Grow Up- Taylor Swift

Numb- Marina and the Diamonds

Almost is Never Enough- Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes

Harry Freakin’ Potter- A Very Potter Sequel

Can you do the mini playlist thing please??? That sounds so cool :) my name's Alexis.


Almost is Never Enough- Ariana Grande

Lights- Ellie Goulding

Even Though- Darren Criss

X- I don’t have any songs that have X in them!! Sorry!

I Steal Everything- Twisted (Original Cast Recording)

Someone Like You- Adele

  1. starkidcult3ever said: Can you do mine? It’s Erika

yeah sure!!

Enchanted- Taylor Swift

Rearly Don’t Care (feat Cher Lloyd)- Demi Lovato

Wanna Be- Starship

Kick It Up a Notch- Starship

Team- Ed Sheeran